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Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters (2014)

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by Daniel Hendrik

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Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters (2014) Description :
Vampire Academy is an American best-selling series of six young-adult paranormal romance novels by author Richelle Mead. It tells the story of Rose Hathaway, a seventeen/eighteen-year-old Dhampir girl, who is training to be a bodyguard for her Moroi best friend, Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir. In the process of learning how to defeat Strigoi (the evil undead vampires) in St. Vladimir’s Academy, Rose finds herself caught in a forbidden romance with her instructor, Dimitri Belikov, while having an unbreakable bond with Lissa.
The book is narrated from Rose’s point of view. Due to her mysterious bond with Lissa, she is able to slip into her mind, which enables her to read her mind and feelings.

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters (2014) Plot Summary :
Rose Hathaway is a dhampir, half-vampire and half-human, who is training to be a guardian at St Vladimir’s Academy along with many others like her. There are good and bad vampires in their world: Moroi, who co-exist peacefully among the humans and only take blood from donors, and also possess the ability to control one of the four elements – water, earth, fire or air; and Strigoi, blood-sucking, evil vampires who drink to kill. Rose and other dhampir guardians are trained to protect Moroi and kill Strigoi throughout their education. Along with her best friend Princess Vasilisa Dragomir, a Moroi in possession of the almost unheard of element called spirit that forged a nigh unbreakable bond, Rose must run away from St Vladimir’s, in order to protect Lissa from those who wish to harm the princess and use her for their own means.

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Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters (2014)

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