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The Hardy Bucks Movie (2013)

Saturday, 9 February 2013, 13:44 | Comedy, Movies 2013 | 0 Comment | 1085 Views
by Daniel Hendrik

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The Hardy Bucks Movie (2013) Description :

Hardy Bucks is an Irish mockumentary TV show written by Chris Tordoff, Martin Maloney and Mike Cockayne. The Hardy Bucks started out with a series of largely improvised online webisodes directed and edited by Tordoff who had studied Media Production. A six-part webisode series went on to win the 2009 Storyland competition held by Irish national broadcaster RTÉ. Hardy Bucks is set in a small town in West Ireland, following the mis-adventures of five hapless men down on their luck, trying to leave their backwards rural hometown and attempt to reach Galway and sample modern civilization.

The Hardy Bucks Movie (2013) Plot Summary :
Eddie Durkan, the self-proclaimed leader of the ‘Bucks is dreading spending another summer bored out of his skull. Ireland has qualified for the Euros in Poland, but with no money and apathetic mates, the task falls to Eddie to get them out of Castletown and onto the road in search of football and the craic.

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The Hardy Bucks Movie (2013)

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