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Papadopoulos & Sons (2012)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013, 7:43 | Comedy, Drama, Movies 2013 | 0 Comment | 460 Views
by Daniel Hendrik

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Papadopoulos & Sons (2012) Description :

Release Date: 5 April 2013 (UK)
Director: Marcus Markou
Author: Marcus Markou
Starring: Stephen Dillane,Georgia Groome,Ed Stoppard,Cosima Shaw
Genre: Comedy | Drama

Papadopoulos & Sons (2012) Plot Summary :
Self-made businessman Harry Papadopoulos has got it all; a mansion house; awards and a super rich lifestyle. However, on the eve of a property deal of a lifetime, a financial crisis hits and the banks call in their huge loans. Harry and his family lose everything in an instant. Everything, except the dormant and forgotten Three Brothers Fish & Chip Shop half owned by Harry’s larger than life brother Spiros who’s been estranged from the family for years. With no alternative, Harry and his family, plant enthusiast James; fashion victim Katie; nerdy Theo and their loyal nanny Mrs. Parrington, are forced to pack their bags, leave their millionaire lifestyle and join ‘Uncle Spiros’ to live above the neglected Three Brothers chippie. Together they set about bringing the chip shop back to life under the suspicious gaze of the their old rival, Hassan, from the neighbouring Turkish kebab shop whose son has his own eyes on Katie. Each family member must come to terms with their new life in …

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Papadopoulos & Sons (2012)

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