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Black Ice (2013)

Saturday, 3 August 2013, 3:58 | Action, Crime, Movies 2013, Sport | 0 Comment | 509 Views
by Daniel Hendrik


Black Ice (2013) Description :

Release Date: 20 September 2013 (Ireland)
Director: Johnny Gogan
Author: Johnny Gogan, Brian Leyden
Starring: Jane McGrath,Killian Scott,Dermot Murphy,Marian Quinn
Genre: Action | Crime | Sport

Black Ice (2013) Plot Summary :
A story of youthful misadventure set against the backdrop of a lawless border terrain during the last gasps of the Irish boom – Black Ice charts the story of Alice as she is seduced into the rhythmic rumbling world of local boy racers. Alice is beckoned from her middle-class existence by the growling engine of Jimmy’s slick, black, Skyline. Racing, dicing, drifting together on the winding back roads, Alice and Jimmy dream of rally cars and make great plans to escape the cloying town. Alice is swept away, beyond the danger of the boy racer scene, and into the underworld of the borderland, where Jimmy doesn’t believe in playing it straight. He likes the taste of money and he likes to take short-cuts. Despite her brother Tom’s warnings, Jimmy’s criminal behavior only makes Alice want him more, while the greed that has taken hold of the community is about to claim its price in young lives. Two years later an estranged Alice returns home to deal with the aftermath of the high-speed boy …

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Black Ice (2013)

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